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We started working in the prison, now we work with the families of the prisoners. They are not locked up; they are separated from the lives of their loved ones.        

Building relationships with families and partners in the communities has put us in a position to help ex-offenders and their children better.

Some of the things we do:

Letter Writing: Through letter writing, parents and kids can strengthen their communication skills and foster family ties. 
Therapeutic Art: Is a tool used in art creation that allows one to convey feelings that are buried through artwork. The ending piece is a beautiful display of diffused emotions.

Camp Program: This is an opportunity for the children of the incarcerated to come together outside of their household and to enrich their knowledge of Jesus Christ in a fun environment where they enjoy time at camp doing activities

Inmate Gift Box: GHCH sends gift boxes, bibles, and food to inmates, during the holiday season.

Food Pantry: Offer to everyone in the community, throughout the year during the holiday season.
Our next step is to provide Counseling!!
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